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Cheatham County Sheriff's Department Patrol Division



The Cheatham County Sheriffs Department Patrol Division is made up of 23 officers divided into 3 shifts. These officers are the front line officers of the Sheriffs Department. Every Patrol Officer with the Sheriff's department is certified by the Tennessee Police Officers Standards and Training (P.O.S.T.) Commission and each officer attends a minimum of 40 hours of inservice each year.

Each officer has an assigned patrol car which is equiped with Radar units and Mobile Video Recording equipment.The Cheatham County Sheriff's department was the first department in Cheatham County to implement Mobile Data Terminals in the patrol units. With this computer the officer has access to the Sheriff's Department secure network, along with access to the National Crime Information Computer system (NCIC). This access allows the officer to complete reports from the vehicle, along with check subjects for warrants, and  obtain vehicle registration and drivers license information.
On average each patrol vehicle is removed from active service after 4 years of service.

The Patrol Officers of the Sheriff's Department are responsible for responding to any request for an officer made by citizens or visitors of Cheatham County. The patrol officers primary duties include service of all warrants and civil process, Initial investigation of all crimes occurring in Cheatham County, responding to all motor vehicle crashes that occur on the roadways of Cheatham County, along with the enforcement of all laws of The State Of Tennessee and any Cheatham County Ordinace.




















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